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Use your badges to create your lanyard keychain.

Easily create this original personalized lanyard with your 25mm button making machine. The customizable circular black plastic piece will highlight any design you choose and will not be erased.


Whether you put the logo of your company or the slogan of your campaign, it will be a publicity gift used by your clients. Its cotton cord makes it a very comfortable lanyard and the circular piece of plastic slides to be able to adjust it better. It is available in four colors for you to choose the one that best suits the colors of your design. .


The lanyard keychain comes with material to make a trophy plate (with the back flat) and a double-sided circular extra strong adhesive. Make your sheet, stick it with the adhesive in the hole of the circular piece and that's it!

It is a very easy way to expand your catalog and offer an original advertising gift that will have a guaranteed success.


Printable area: Ø 25 mm

Print Side: 1.

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Quantity: Pack (100 u.)

Minimum purchase: 100 u.

Additional information

Bags of 100 units packing.

Weight: 1.960 Kg / 100 u.

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