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The QR code on your buttons and keyrings: the new trend

Surely you have seen in public places and especially in restaurants, those little black squares that are displayed on tables or on the posts of the parasols of the terraces: they are QR codes.

You just have to scan them with your smartphone and in a moment you have the menu on the screen.

We propose you to use these QR codes in order to ensure that your company or your customer's one has better visibility. It's a smart way to combine protection, security and a fun experience. They are a very good marketing tool, but they also help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by eliminating contact with paper that goes from hand to hand.


Buttons with QR code for your clients

Choose among the different sizes available the one that best matchs your design and the occasion. Decide the type of button you want and put a QR code on it. You can create a bottle opener button, pocket mirror button, magnet buttons, pins, etc. In the event that you or your clients have a restaurant, offering bottle opener buttons with the menu is a very good option, but you can also create a QR that leads to the restaurant's website if you can order online. In addition, customers will be able to put this button in their fridge because it is magnetized and in this way they will not forget you. See all buttons.

Keyrings with QR code as a communication tool

Give keyrings with this code at fairs and events to promote your product, your catalog or your company's contact details and videos so that customers can learn more about you. It will be an original gift that your customers will remember. They will be able to use the keyring to keep their keys, but they will also have your details at hand. If you have a bar or a nightclub, give metal and acrylic keyrings to your customers with a QR code that shows the upcoming events throughout the year. See all keyrings




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