B-900S. (B-900S)

Create professional magnets or rectangular pin-pack 78x53 mm buttons with the B-900S magnet maker machine. This high-quality machine is so easy to use that you can make 400 units per hour. It is a light and compact machine that can be transported and stored easily. To create your magnets, in addition to the machine, you will need magnet supplies and a cutting tool that are sold separately. If you are just starting, take a look at our starter kit which includes a machine, 1000 magnet supplies and a cutting tool - in other words, everything you need to create your first magnets. Watch our video to discover in a few minutes how to make them.


Dimensions: 31,5 x 10,0 x 25,5 cm

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Minimum purchase: 1 u.

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Specific box packaging.

Weight: 8.940 Kg / 1 u.


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