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Ecological button of 56 mm diameter. 100% biodegradable, compostable, reciclable and neutral in CO2 emissions. The biobutton consists of a material composed of corn starch and wood from sustainable forests with PEFC certification that is produced in an injection molding machine using solar energy. The transparent protective foil is also 100% compostable and consists of corn starch. With high quality finishes it looks very natural and pleasant and weighs half as a conventional sheet.

It transmits the idea of sustainability, protect the environment and helps companies, associations and NGO's to promote their commitment of responsibility to the environment.

The button is finished with a clip of the same degradable raw material as the plate. There is the option of buying it with a needle mounted on the clip which must be removed to recycle the button.

Dimensions: Ø 59 mm.

Print Side: 1.

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Quantity: Pack (500 u.)

Minimum purchase: 500 u.

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Packed in 500 units bag.

Weight: 2.948 Kg / 500 u.

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